Contrapasso By: Anonymous



(Circle of Couples) ==in 6==
V1 Rev; Con LR ; Turn L & Passi LR, Ord L; Passi RL, Ord R 4;4;4;4
V2 R hands w/ptnr & Passi LR, Doppio L; L hands Passi RL, Doppio R 4;4
Indiv figure 8 Turn L in Ord LR; Turn R in Ord LR 4;4
V3 Repeat V2, taking R then L arms w/ ptnr instead of hands, all figure 8 16
V4 Repeat V2, taking 2 hands. all figure 8 16
V5 Hey in 8 Ord , starting R hands w/ptnr, then move around circle 16
V6 Face ptnr & Rev; Con LR; All figure 8 4;4;8
V7 Lds back Lys up Passi LR , Doppio L; Lys back Lds up; All figure 8 4;4;8
V8 Lds Rev L; Lys Rev L; all figure 8; Rev 4;4;8

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Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later