Contentezza d'Amore (From Nobilita) By: Caroso



(Couples) == in 4 ==
V1 Take hands, Rev; Con LR; Cicle CW in 2 Rip, 2 Trab, Ord L 4;4;4
Circle CCW in 2 Rip, 2 Trab, Ord R; Con LR; Rev, take ord hands 4;4;4
V2 Up the hall: Puntate L R; Passi LR, Ord L; Puntate RL 4;4;4
Passi RL, Ord L; (Facing) Trab LR; Trab LRL; Con RL 4;2;2;4
V3 Down the hall: Puntate RL; Passi RL, Ord R; Puntate LR 4;4;4
Passi LR, Ord R; (Facing) Trab RL; Trab RL R; Con L R 4;2;2;4
V4 Take R hands, Ord LR CW; Curl L, Ord LR 4;4
Puntate LR (twd ptnr); Ord LR flanking 4;4
Trab LR; Destice L, Puntate RL 2;2;4
V5 Take L hands, Ord RL CCW; Curl R, Ord RL 4;4
Puntate RL (twd ptnr); Ord RL flanking 4;4
Trab RL; Destice R, Puntate LR 2;2;4
V6 Take both hands, Spez LR CW; Curl L in Passi LR, Spez L == in 3 == 4;4
Take both hands, Spez RL CCW; Curl R in Passi RL, Spez R 4;4
Facing: RipLL, Trab LR; Passi LR, Saffice L 4;4
Rip RR, Trab RL; Passi RL, Saffice R; Puntate LR; Rev 4;4;4;4


Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later