Contentezza d'Amore (From Il Ballarino) By: Caroso



(Couples) ==in 4==
V1 Take hands, Rev; Con LR; 4 Rip in circle L, then R 4;4;4;4
C on LR; Rev, drop hands 4;4
V2 Ly away from ptnr Puntate LR; Passi LR; Double L; Puntate RL 4;2;2;4
Passi RL; Double R; Ly turn to face, both Puntata L fwd, & R back; Rev; 2;2;4;4
V3 Ld join ptnr in same steps; Both facing head Puntata L fwd & R back; Rev 16;4;4
V4 Ly pass front of Ld in ½ circle Passi LR, Double L; Passi RL, Double R 4;4
Ld pass Ly in half circle w/ same steps; Puntata L fwd & R back; Rev 8;4;4
V5 Take hands & switch Puntate LR; 6 Doubles to back of the hall, & face 4;12
Together Puntata L fwd, Puntata R back; Rev 4;4
V6 Take L hands & 2 Spez to switch; 6 Spez up the hall == in 3 == 4;12
Take hands & 8 Rip in a circle L, then R; drop hands & 4 Trab; Rev 8; 8;4;4


Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later