Chiaranzana By: Caroso



(Couples in a line) ==in 3==
(Sequences, (S), then Patterns (P))
S1: Rev; Continenze LR; Puntat a L fwd & Puntata R back 4;4;4
S2: Passi LR, Ord L; Passi RL back, Riprese RR; Con LR 4;4;4
S3: Take hands, Passi LR, Ord L CW; Passi RL, Ord R CCW 4;4
Take R hands, Spez L, Mezza Rev; Take L hands Spez R, Mezza Rev 2;2
P1: (Procession) - S1:1x; S2: any number of times
P2: (Pass-Through) - Use S2: C1 convert; C1&C2 take hands; C1 pass-through;
C1 & C3 take hands while C2 convert; Continue until C1 at head of set
P3: (Casting) - Cast around w/ Spezzati
P4: (Reel) - Use S3: C1 cross-over take hands w/C2; Continue til C1 at head of set
P5: (Exit) Spezzati around floor; Spezzati off floor; Rev

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Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later