Ballo del Fiore (for 2) By: Caroso



(Lds w/ Flowers & Lys along edge of floor) ==In 4==
Intro Lds only Rev; Ord LR turning in place 2;2
V1 Lds Ord LRLR to face a ptnr; C on LR, Rev 4;4
V2 Together, fwd, Ord LR; Scorsi LR; (facing) C on LR, Rev 2;2;4
V3 Ord LR turning L; Ord LR to pass ptnr & face; C on LR, Rev 2;2;4
V4 Ord LRLR – zigzag to ptnr; C on LR, Rev, Ld kiss & pass flower 4;4
Repeat verses 1-4 w/ Ly seeking a new Ld

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Category: Italian Balli - 16th Century & Later