Argeers By: John Playford



(2 Couples facing) ==In 4==
V1 Corners join hands, Slip out & back ;Turn corner ½ ; Turn ptnr 1½ 1;1;2
Double fwd; Turn corner ½; Turn ptnr 1½ 1;1;2
C1 Lds switch; Lys switch; Set & turn; Lys switch; Lds switch; Set & turn 1;1;2;1;1;2
V2 Double out & back w/ corner; Turn ptnr; Double back & fwd; Set & turn 2;2;2;2
C2 Lds slip R, Lys slip L (Lds inside); Slip back (Lys inside); Turn corner 1;1;2
Lys fwd & back a double; Lds do single Hey to place 2;2
V3 Lds push corner back; Slip to Ld’s R; Fall back; Set & turn ½;1;½;2
Lds slip L, Lys R (Lds inside); Lds push Lys back & fall back; Set & turn 1;1;2
C3 Ld1 & Ly2 cast off & lead into ptnr’s place; Cast again back to place 2;2
Lds begin a single Hey for 4, do half the Hey; ladies join in 1;1
Turn ptnr; Fall back into line of 4 & honor presence 2

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Category: English Country