Porque ben Santa Maria By: Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: Galician-Portuguese
Tags: cantiga Cantigas de Santa Maria religious Mary translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation Notes
Como Santa María guariu o crérigo que se lle tornaran as pérnas atrás porque fez ũus panos mẽores dun pano que furtou de sôbelo altar. How Holy Mary cured the priest whose legs tunred backward because he made undergarments from a cloth he stole from the altar.
Porque ben Santa María | sabe os séus dões dar, Because Holy Mary wisely bestows Her gifts, Since the Holy Virgin Mary Gives Her gifts, astute and wise,
muito per faz gran folía | quen lle vai o séu furtar. he who would steal something of Hers is very foolhardy indeed. He who steals from Her is very Foolish in the Virgin's eyes.
Onde, se m' oír quisérdes, | daquesto vos contarei Wherefore, if you will hear me, I shall tell you On this topic, if you'll hear me, Here's a wonder dazzling
un miragre mui fremoso | que fez a Madre do Rei a very beautiful miracle concerning this which the Mother That Saint Mary, Jesus' Mother, Did to Odemira bring.
Jesú-Crist' en Odimira, | como vos óra direi, of Jesus Christ performed in Odemira, as I shall tell you now. Of Her works in that good city Gratefully the people sing;
u ela fez ende muitos | outros en aquel logar. She has performed many other miracles in that place. Many wonders She has made there, But this one would take the prize.
Mas este foi muit' apósto | e feito con gran razôn; However, this one was very fitting and done with good reason. It was fitting, done with reason, Just as She is always just.
ca ũa mollér séu pano | foi dar en ofereçôn A woman gave a cloth she had in offering Once a woman gave some fabric As an offering in trust
a ũa eigreja súa, | feita des mui gran sazôn, to a church of Holy Mary which was built a long time ago To a church of Holy Mary, Ancient as the region's dust,
que está fóra da vila, | assí com' oí contar. and stands outside the town, as I heard tell. Standing on the city's outskirts Under Andalusian skies.
Pouco mais ca ũa vara | o pan' éra, com' oí, The cloth measured a little more than a vara*, as I heard, It was just about a vara, Longer than a person's arm. *In Castile at this time, 0.835 meters.
e éra mui ben teçudo | e mui delgad' outrossí; and was delicate and finely woven. It was thin and finely woven, Made with elegance and charm,
e porend' a mollér bõa | fora-o põer alí Therefore, the good woman had placed it there And therefore, this helpful woman Placed it safely out of harm
na eigreja, u o vissen | estar sôbelo altar. in the church where it could be seen and spread over the altar. As an altar cloth for Mary, Since it was the perfect size.
Un crérigo da eigreja | que o viu alí seer, A priest of the church who saw it there At the church, a priest was working, Saw the altar so arrayed.
creceu-ll' ên tal cobiíça | que o foi lógu' ên toller, began to covet it so greatly that he stole it He began to covet greatly That fine cloth where it was laid.
e levou-o a sa casa | e mandou ende fazer and took it to his house and had undergarments So he stole it from the altar, Brought it home, and ordered made
panos con que cobriss' ende | o con que ía pecar. made from it with which to cover his sinful parts. Underpants to cover up his Naughty parts from people's eyes.
E pois que os ouve feitos | e con eles se cobriu, After he had them made and put them on, When the underpants were finished And he went and tried them on,
deitava-s' a dormir lógo; | mais pero pouco dormiu, he lay down to sleep, but he slept very little, He lay down for peaceful slumber, But he could not even yawn.
ca os calcannares ambos | pelos lombos os sentiu for he felt both his heels pressing into his loins When he closed his eyes, it pierced him, And it kept him up till dawn:
que ll' entraron tan de rijo | que os non pod' ên tirar. so tightly that he could not pull them out. Both his legs were bending backward Till his heels dug in his thighs.
E con mui gran coita féra | que avía de door, In the great distress he had from this pain, Screaming in distress and anguish, He cried out with all his might,
braadou muit' e dizendo: | "Ai, Madre do Salvador, he cried out loudly, saying: "Oh, Mother of the Savior, "Oh, fair Mother of the Savior, Do not let me die tonight!"
rógo-te que éu non moira | assí, se t' ên prazer for." I beg you not to let me die like this, if it so please you," He began a full confession With a countenance contrite
E do érro que fezéra | fillou-s' a mãefestar and he began to confess the error he had committed Of the sin that he committed In sincere, despairing cries.
Ante todos, e chorando | ar fillou-s' a repentir, so that all present might now. Weeping, he began to repent All those present heard his error, And they saw his weeping face.
e dun gran pano de lenço | fez lóg' o altar cobrir. and had the altar covered at once with a large linen cloth. He, in full repentance, called for Linen fabric to be placed
E porende, méus amigos, | quen este miragr' oír Therefore, my friends, may anyone who hears this miracle On the altar, so it would be Covered as befit its grce.
nunca seja atrevudo | ena Virgen desonrrar. never be so bold as to dishonor the Virgin. So, my friends, if you can hear me, Don't debase the Queen on High.
E sobr' esto à eigreja | o levaron manamán, Then they took him quickly to the church, To the church they took him quickly Through the pain that he endured,
e todos por el rogaron | a Sennor do bon talán; and all prayed for him to the Lady of Goodwill. Praying Heaven's Queen to aid him, And the Goodwill Lady heard.
e ela guariu-o lógo, | que non prendeu i afán; She cured him at once so that he suffered no ill effects. Holy Virgin Mary listened, And he was completely cured.
porên todos começaron | o séu nome de loar. Therefore, all began to praise Her name. All the people sang Her praises, Raised Her name up to the skies.
Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León Alfonso. Songs of Holy Mary of Alfonso X, the Wise: A Translation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Trans. Kathleen Kulp-Hill. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann

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