Mal s' á end' achar By: Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: Galician-Portuguese
Tags: cantiga Cantigas de Santa Maria religious Mary translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation Notes
Como Santa María se vingou do escudeiro que déu couce na pórta da sa eigreja. How Holy Mary took vengeance on the squire who kicked the door of Her church.
Mal s' á end' achar Whoever tries to dishonor Holy Mary Vengeance will befall
quen quisér desonrrar Santa María. will suffer for it, Anyone who tries to desecrate Mary.
Como s' achou, non á i mui gran sazôn, as suffered not long ago That's what happened in Galicia, people swore,
en Galiza un escudeiraz peôn a foot squire in Galicia To a squire who tried to wreck the church's door
que quis mui felôn who angrily tried to break With any angry roar,
britá-la eigreja con felonía. the door of the church in a rage. In a fury that was mindless and scary.
Santa María a ermida nom' á The hermitage is named Holy Mary Holy Mary of the Mountain it was named,
do Monte, porque en logar alt' está; of the Mountain, because it stands on a high place, The distinguished hermitage where he was shamed
e foron alá and a great pilgrimage And Her vengeance flamed.
de gentes entôn mui gran romaría of many people went there at that time Many pilgrims came to worship and tarried.
En ũa fésta, per com' éu aprendí, on a feast day in the middle of August*, On a feast in August, the Assumption Day, *The Assumption, August 15.
de meant' Agosto. E pois chegou i according to what I learned. That was when the squire was there, or so they say.
gran gent', e des i A crowd of people arrived there People came to pray,
começaron a tẽer sa vigía. and began to hold their vigil. Crowds of worshipers, at peace and unwary.
O escudeiro que vos dixe chegou The squire of whom I told you arrived He arrived, the squire I just now said was there,
e viu ũa moça, de que se pagou, and saw a girl who caught his fancy, And he saw a pilgrim girl he thought was fair.
que forçar cuidou; and he tried to force her, She ignored his stare,
mais ela per ren non llo consentía. but she would not allow it by any means. So he grabbed her arm, but she yelled how dare he?!
E travando dela cuidou-a forçar; He seized her and tried to abuse her, Seizing her, he threw her down upon the sand,
mais proug' a Déus e nono pod' acabar, but God did not wish it, and he could not have his way, But the Lord denied the vicious crime he planned:
ca foi-ll' escapar for she got away from him For he dodged his hand
e fogind' á eigreja se collía. and fled to take reuge in the church. And made for the church, escaping him barely.
Aos braados a gente recodiu, The people came in response to the cries, People ran to help her when her cries were heard,
e a mininna mercee lles pediu and the girl asked them to please And she begged for safety from the threats he slurred,
que daquel que viu protect her from the threats For each savage word
a quiséssen guardar de sa perfía. of that man she had seen. From his cursing mouth was wicked and scary.
As gentes, temendo de lles vĩir mal, The people, fearing harm, Uncontrollable was he, so they took fright;
foron sarrá-las pórtas lógo sen al, closed the doors at once, All the doors were bolted to prevent a fight,
e chamando: "Val, crying: "Help us, And they prayed for might:
Madre de Déus, ca mestér nos sería." Mother of God, for we are in need." Help us, Mother of our God, Holy Mary!
O escudeiro, tanto que viu fugir The squire, as soon as he saw the girl flee from him, Once the squire had noticed that she ran away,
a moça, leixou-se depós ela ir set out after her, He set out to catch her, growling at his prey,
dizendo: "Guarir saying: "You cannot Dumb-ass bitch, you’ll pay—
non me pódes, rapariga sandía." get away from me, foolish wench." By my hand, I’ll teach you to be contrary.
E quando as pórtas sarradas achou, When he found the doors closed, When he reached the church and saw the doors were closed,
per poucas que de sanna sandeu tornou, he almost went mad with rage Screaming in his rage and swearing, he proposed
e lógo jurou and swore on the spot That the doors opposed
que a couces toda-las britaría. that he would kick them down. He would kick to bits, burst in, take his fair fee.
E com' éra atrevudo e sandeu, As he was bold and foolhardy, He was bold and foolish, and he really tried
quis acabar aquelo que prometeu, he tried to carry out his threat. To effect the threat he'd boorishly supplied,
e o pé ergeu He raised his foot And he stood in pride,
e ena pórta gran couce dar ía. and was about to give the door a powerful kick. Raising up his foot and shouting, "Beware me!"
Mais avẽo-ll' en como vos éu direi: However, I shall tell you what happened to him. Here is just what happened, as I heard from folk:
britou-xe-ll' a pérna, segund' apres' ei, His leg broke, according to what I learned, He could not break down the door with any stroke,
per prazer do Rei, because of the will of the King, But his leg he broke,
Fillo da Virgen, a que desprazía. Son of the Virgin, Who was displeased by this. For God hates to see us treated unfairly.
E d' al ll' avẽo aínda mui peior: And something much worse happened to him: And not only did he injury sustain,
esmoreceu con coita e con door, he fainted in shock and pain, But he fainted dead away from shock and pain,
e Nóstro Sennor and Our Lord And he went insane,
sen tod' aquest' a fala lle tollía in addition took away his speech And he couldn't speak a whisper, or barely.
En tal guisa, que pois nunca disse ren so that he could never say anything Mary's name was all he could say anymore.
érgo "ai, Santa María." E des ên except "Oh, Holy Mary," and after that, After that, insane and maimed, he wandered, poor,
tolleit' e sen sen maimed and crazy, Begging door to door,
viveu gran temp' e per pórtas pidía. he lived a long time and begged from door to door. Living with the crime that he had to carry.
Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León Alfonso. Songs of Holy Mary of Alfonso X, the Wise: A Translation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Trans. Kathleen Kulp-Hill. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann

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