Eno pouco e eno muito By: Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: Galician-Portuguese
Tags: cantiga Cantigas de Santa Maria religious Mary translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Como Santa María guardou de mórte ũa bestiola que chaman donezinna. How Holy Mary saved from death a little animal they call doneziña.
Eno pouco e no muito, | en todo lles faz mercee The Virgin, Mother of Him Who watches over all, Holy Mary, Virgin Mother Of the Lord Who watches all
aos séus sérvos a Virgen, | Madre do que todo vee. has mercy on Her servants, both great and small. Sheds Her mercy on Her servants Low and lofty, great and small.
Desto direi un miragre | grande que fez a Reínna, Concerning this, I shall tell a great miracle which the Queen, Here's a miracle I'll tell you Of the Virgin for a king.
Madre de Déus Jesú-Cristo, | a un rei que muito tiínna Mother of God Jesus Christ, performed for a king who had placed All his hopes on Her he fastened; He was Hers in everything.
en ela sa asperança, | ca lle fez veer aginna all of his hope sin Her, for She caused him in Her mercy to experience sorrow In her mercy, Holy Mary Brought him sorrow harrowing,
pesar e prazer mui grande | dũa ren por sa mercee. and then great pleasure over a certain matter. Which became a great elation That the king would long recall.
Este pesar foi por ũa | bestiola que muit' amava The sorrow was for a little beast the Galicians call doneziña, All this care was for a ferret (Called a doneziña there),
el Rei, que sigo tragía | e a que mui ben crïava, which the king loved dearly and carried with him and carred for tenderly. Which the king adored intensely And took with him everywhere.
a que chaman donezinna | os galegos, e tirava He hunted birds out of their nests with it, They would hunt for birds together, As a close, devoted pair;
con ela aves das cóvas, | e de taes óme vee. for one sometimes sees ferrets which can do that. Ferrets can be very clever, Coming when their masters call.
Pero esta outras cousas | muitas e bõas fazía It did this and many other clever things, Jumping, scampering around him, It did many clever feats,
trebellando e saltando, | onde gran prazer avía scampering and jumping, at which the king took great delight. And the king was so delighted, He would give it many treats.
aquel Rei; e por aquesto | atán gran ben lle quería Therefore, he was so fond of it that he considered He gave thanks to God in Heaven For a gift so cute and sweet.
que tiínna que fezéra | Déus en dar-lla gran mercee. that God had done him a great favor in giving it to him. He adored the little ferret; Nothing else could so enthrall.
E por esto lle fezéra | de fust', en que a guardava, Therefore, he made it a pretty little wodden cage in which to keep it Just to keep it safe, he made a Pretty little wodden cage,
ũa arca mui ben feita, | e dentro a ensserrava and closed the creature inside Where it slept and night so snugly, Safe where it could not engage
porque mal non recebesse, | ca muito se receava so that no harm could come to it, for he was very afraid With the cat, who sees in darkness, And who earns its living wage
do gato, que ena noite | mellor ca no día vee. of the cat, which can see better at night than in the daytime. Eating little things like ferrets That in corners creep and crawl.
Onde ll' avẽo un día, | indo per ũa carreira, Whereby it happened to him one day while he was riding down a road But it chanced the king was riding Down the road one hapless day
que a quis tirar da arca; | e com' ela é ligeira, that he took the ferret out of the cage, and, as it is a very quick animal, And the little cage he opened, Thinking with his friend to play,
caeu ontr' os pés das bestas, | e foi en atal maneira it fell under the horses' feet. It happened so suddenly But a ferret's very quick, and Suddenly, without delay,
que el Rei con coita disse: | "Santa María, mercee! that the king cried out in alarm: "Holy Mary, have mercy! To beneath the horse's hooves, it Took a swift and fearsome fall.
Guarda-me mia donezinna | que a non pérça per mórte." "Save my little ferret, and do not let death take it from me." In alarm, the king cried loudly: "Holy Queen, look down and see!
E quantos alí estavan | ouvéron gran desconórte; All those who were there were very distressed, Oh, please save my little ferret; Don't let death take it from me."
ca lle pose o cavalo | del Rei o pé atán fórte because the king's horse had stepped down on it Those who heard were very troubled, For no comfort could there be:
sobr' ela, e el Rei disse: | "Ai, varões, quena vee? very hard and the king said: "Oh, men, who can see it? For the horse the king was on was Heavy, bred to tramp and brawl.
Dade-mia qual quér que seja, | sequér viva, sequér mórta, "Give it back to me however you find it, be it dead or alive, "Men," he said, "Oh, who can see it? Give it here, alive or dead,
e conortar-m-ei con ela | come quen se mal conórta." and I shall console myself with it as one who is inconsolable." I'll console myself with crying, Like a man who's list his head."
Entôn fez Santa María, | a que é dos céos pórta, Then Holy Mary, who is Gateway to Heaven, But in Heaven's boundless mercy, Mary heard the prayer he said,
que de so o pé saísse | viva pola sa mercee. caused it to come out from under the hoof alive by Her great mercy. And from underneath the horses Popped the nimblest beast of all.
Entôn quantos alí éran | e viron tal maravilla Then all who were there and saw such a wondrous miracle All beheld this precious wonder Which the Queen of Glory made,
que fezo a Grorïosa, | que é de Déus Madr' e Filla, which the Glorious Lady who is Mother and Daughter of God She Who is God's Child and Mother. She the horse could well persuade
en fazer que o cavalo, | que con séu pé tan mal trilla, performed by causing the horse, which treads so heavily with its hoof, Not to tread with hooves so heavy, Not to kill it where it played.
nona matasse. E esto | fez aquel que todo vee not to kill it. The One Who watches ove rall did this This She asked Her Son in Heaven, in His vast, celestial hall.
Per prazer da Grorïosa, | sa Madr', a que comendada to please the Glorious Lady, His Mother, to whom the king He Who watche sover all did This to please His Mother dear,
a ouv' el Rei, u do pée | do cavalo foi trillada. had commended the ferret when it was crushed by the hoof of the horse. Whom the king had begged for mercy When he felt that crushing fear.
Porên seja el bẽeito | e ela seja loada, Therefore, may He be blessed and She be praised May our Lord be blessed forever; May the Queen our praises hear;
e sempr' ambos de nós ajan | pïedade e mercee. and may They both shed Their grace and mercy on us forevermore. May Their perfect grace and mercy On our souls forever fall.
Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León Alfonso. Songs of Holy Mary of Alfonso X, the Wise: A Translation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Trans. Kathleen Kulp-Hill. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann