Des oge mais quer eu trobar By: Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: Galician-Portuguese
Tags: cantiga Cantigas de Santa Maria religious Mary translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Esta é a primeira cantiga de loor de Santa María, ementando os séte goios que ouve de séu Fillo. This is the first song of praise to Holy Mary, enumerating the seven joys She had from Her Son.
Des oge mais quér' éu trobar From this day forth I will sing Forever I will be a knight
pola Sennor onrrada, for the Honored Lady Who serves that noble Lady
en que Déus quis carne fillar in whom God chose to take on Whose flesh God took and filled with light
b?eita e sagrada, blessed and sacred flesh And pure and holy made. He
por nos dar gran soldada in order to give us great reward Did this so we might saved be,
no séu reino e nos erdar in His Kingdom And live again, and that we might
por séus de sa masnada and to bequeath to His followers Have seats so soft and shady
de vida perlongada, eternal life, With God, which will not fade. We
sen avermos pois a passar so that we might not Can even so, this very night,
per mórt' outra vegada. suffer death again. From pain and death be made free.
E porên quéro começar Therefore, I wish to begin And so my story will begin
como foi saüdada with how She was hailed With Gabriel, who came there
de Gabrïél, u lle chamar by Gabriel when he went to summon To tell Her of the end of sin
foi: “Benaventurada Her: "Oh, Blessed And said to Her, "O Dame fair,
Virgen, de Déus amada: Virgin, Beloved of God, So loved by God, of fame, rare
do que o mund' á de salvar you now bear within you Him Be filled with Him who'll surely win
ficas óra prennada; Who will save the world, The world and all its shame bear;
e demais ta cunnada and your kinswoman Elizabeth, whose frame bears
Elisabét, que foi dultar, Elizabeth, who doubted, A barren womb, your closest kin,
é end' envergonnada”. is thereby proven wrong." Is now with child God named there."
E demais quéro-ll' enmentar Then I wish to relate to you I wish to tell you all how She
como chegou canssada how She arrived With weary feet and body
a Beleên e foi pousar in Bethlehem. Being weary, She took shelter Arrived in Bethlehem city
no portal da entrada, at the gates of the city And found a shelter shoddy,
u pariu sen tardada and soon thereafter gave birth And birthed the Son of God. He
Jesú-Crist', e foi-o deitar, to Jesus Christ. Slept in a manger with barley.
como mollér menguada, Like a poor and hapless woman, So frozen would this spot be
u deitan a cevada, She laid Him in the manger Where all the beasts would not be
no presév', e apousentar where they place the barley, to rest Enough to warm them carefully.
ontre bestias d' arada. among the beasts of the field. Rich comforts they could not see.
E non ar quéro obridar Also I must not forget And I must not forget to tell
com' ángeos cantada how angels sang About the angels singing
loor a Déus foron cantar a hymn of praise To God a hymn that echoed well,
e “paz en térra dada”; and "peace on earth", So "Peace on Earth" went ringing.
nen como a contrada nor how the star I can't forget in thinking
aos tres Reis en Ultramar showed the way Of Kings who in the East did dwell,
ouv' a strela mostrada, to the three kings from afar, Who by a star came bringing
por que sen demorada by which they came Such gifts as fit a kingling.
v?éron sa oférta dar with haste to offer their For at His holy feet they fell
estranna e preçada. rare and precious gifts. And to His hands were clinging.
Outra razôn quéro contar Another event I wish to relate Another story I will share
que ll' ouve pois contada was that told Her Is when She heard the great news
a Madalena: com' estar by the Magdalene, of how From Magdalene, who had been there
viu a pédr' entornada she saw the stone which had been rolled away To see the stone of late used
do sepulcr' e guardada from the sepulchre and guarded To close the tomb's large gate moved
do ángeo, que lle falar by the angel, who spoke And guarded by an angel fair.
foi e disse: “Coitada to her and said: "Unhappy He said to her, "Can Fate choose?
mollér, sei confortada, woman, be comforted, The Man on whom you wait, whose
ca Jesú, que v?es buscar, for Jesus, Whom you come to seek, Was this old grave, has left it bare;
resurgiu madurgada.” arose this morning." He rose up to make hate lose."
E ar quéro-vos demostrar Also I wish to tell I also want to tell you all
gran lediç' aficada the great and wondrous joy The joy that She was feeling
que ouv' ela, u viu alçar She had when She saw When She watched as Her Son was called
a nuv' enlum?ada the luminous cloud To Heaven in the wheeling
séu Fill'; e pois alçada lift up Her Son. And when He had ascended, And glowing clouds, while pealing
foi, viron ángeos andar angels appeared walking Were angel voices, which would fall
ontr' a gent' ass?ada, among the crowd Among the people, stealing
mui desaconsellada, of bewildered people, Between, and leave them reeling.
dizend': “Assí verrá julgar, saying: "Thus He will come to judge, They said, "He'll come into His hall,
est' é cousa provada.” this is a proven thing." His holy justice dealing."
Nen quéro de dizer leixar Nor do I wish to omit I can't forget at all to say
de como foi chegada how the abundant How God's abundant blessing
a graça que Déus envïar grace God chose to bestow Bestowed on Her was on that day
lle quis, atán grãada, on Her was sent. The disciples And sent to Earth confessing
que por el' esforçada God had gathered The love of God, the best thing.
foi a companna que juntar together were inspired and instructed His teachings led many to stay
fez Déus, e enssinada, by Him and filled And listen to God's pressing.
de Spírit' avondada, with the Holy Spirit, They felt the Spirit stressing
por que soubéron preegar so that they could go forth That they should preach in every way,
lógo sen alongada. to preach at once. The Word of God expressing.
E, par Déus, non é de calar And, in God's name, I must not forget to mention And in God's name, I won't omit
como foi corõada, how She was crowned. How She was crowned in Heaven
quando séu Fillo a levar When She had passed from this world, When from this world She rose to it,
quis, des que foi passada He took Her to be united And seventy time seven
deste mund' e juntada with Him in Heaven Were glories She was given
con el no céo, par a par, to sit by His side By God who brought Her where She fit
e Reínna chamada, and be called Queen, As daughter, mother, even
Filla, Madr' e Crïada; Daughter, Mother, and Handmaiden. As Queen and handmaid, living
e porên nos dev' ajudar, Hence She must help us, Forever as our advocate.
ca x' é nóss' avogada for She is our Advocate. She'll see our sins forgiven.
Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León Alfonso. Songs of Holy Mary of Alfonso X, the Wise: A Translation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Trans. Kathleen Kulp-Hill. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann