Como póden per sas culpas By: Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: Galician-Portuguese
Tags: cantiga Cantigas de Santa Maria religious Mary translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Esta é como Santa María guareceu un óme que éra tolleito do córpo e dos nembros, na sa eigreja en Salas. This is how Holy Mary cured in Her church in Salas a man who was cripped in his body and limbs.
Como póden per sas culpas | os ómes seer contreitos, As men may be paralyzed because of their misdeeds, Just as by our own offenses We are broken and unfeeling,
assí póden pela Virgen | depois seer sãos feitos. so may they then be made whole by the Virgin. We can be restored to wholeness By the Holy Virgin's healing.
Ond' avẽo a un óme, | por pecados que fezéra, It happened that a man, because of sins he had committed, For there lived a man whose sinning Was so terrible and shocking
que foi tolleito dos nembros | dũa door que ouvéra, was crippled in his limbs from an illness he had suffered. That his arms and legs had frozen, Keeping him from even walking.
e durou assí cinc' anos | que mover-se non podéra, He remained thus for five years, unable to move, For five years, he sat unmoving, All his joints and muscles locking,
assí avía os nembros | todos do córpo maltreitos. so badly twisted were all the members of his body. Everyone raround him acting Like his face was unappealing.
Con esta enfermidade | atán grande que avía Because of this terrible infirmity that he had, He grew tired of living badly And with always being sickly,
prometeu que, se guarisse, | a Salas lógo iría he promised that if he got well, he would go to Salas at once And he swore if he got better, He would go to Salas quickly,
e ũa livra de cera | cad' ano ll' oferería; and would offer Holy Mary a libra of wax each year. Taking as an offering there The best beeswax he could pick. He
e atán tóste foi são, | que non ouv' i outros preitos. He got well immediately and had no further complaints. Was at once completely cured and Went outside, his health revealing.
E foi-se lógo a Salas, | que sól non tardou nïente, He went at once to Salas and did not delay He, no longer slow in movement, Went to Salas to deliver
e levou sigo a livra | da cera de bõa mente; and took with him gladly the libra of wax. All the beeswax he could carry, With the attitude of a giver.
e ía mui lédo, como | quen se sen nïún mal sente, He went along nimbly as one who feels no pain, And he went along so nimbly, Like no pain had made him shiver,
pero tan gran temp' ouvéra | os pés d' andar desafeitos. notwithstanding that his feet had been unaccustomed to walking for a long time. Like his feet were used to walking And no stones could send him reeling.
Daquest' a Santa María | déron graças e loores, For this miracle they thanked and praised Holy Mary Now unto the Holy Virgin We will offer thanks and praises,
porque livra os doentes | de maes e de doores because she frees the sick from suffering and pain, For She heals when we're in pain, and All Her gracoiusness amazes.
e demais está rogando | sempre por nós pecadores; and furthermore, She is always praying for us sinners, When we ask, She always answers And us lowly sinners raises,
e porên devemos todos | sempre seer séus sogeitos. hence we should all forever be Her loyal subjects. And we owe Her everything, so We are worshiping and kneeling.
Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León Alfonso. Songs of Holy Mary of Alfonso X, the Wise: A Translation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Trans. Kathleen Kulp-Hill. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000. Print.