Como a demais da gente By: Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 13th century
Language: Galician-Portuguese
Tags: cantiga Cantigas de Santa Maria religious Mary translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation Notes
Como Santa María fez a un cavaleiro que gãasse ũa igreja que lle prometera. How Holy Mary caused a knight to win a church which he had promised to Her.
Como a demais da gente | quér gãar per falssidade, Just as othe rpeople try to win through falsehood, Much as others try to win things through deceit and shameless lying,
assí quér Santa María | gãar per sa santidade. so does Holy Mray win through holiness. Holy Mary always triumphs through Her Holiness undying.
Ca se Déus déu aas gentes | jógos pera alegría For if God gave people games so that they might have amusement, For to people games were given by the Father to amuse them.
averen, todo o tórnan | elas en tafuraría, they turn everything into gambling But we turn them into gambling; to make money, we misuse them.
e daquesta guisa quéren | gãar; mais Santa María and try to prosper in this way. However, such profit But we know that Holy Mary frowns on wagers when She views them;
non lle praz de tal gaança, | mais da que é con verdade. does not please Holy Mary but only that won honestly. She prefers we gain our profits honestly, by sin denying.
E porên contar-vos quéro | miragre que ei oído Therefore, I wish to tell you a miracle which I heard So I'll tell you all the story of a miracle created
desta razôn, que a Virgen | fez, Madre do Rei comprido, on this theme, performed by the Virgin, Mother of the Perfect King By the Virgin, Holy Mother of the Perfect King awaited,
que por nos guardar d' inférno | foi na cruz mórt' e ferido. who was wounded and killed on the cross to save us from Hell. Who was wounded and who suffered on the Cross and sin negated.
E porên, se Déus vos valla, | amigos, ben m' ascoitade: Therefore, my friends, if God will aid you, listen to me well. So, my friends, if God will aid you, listen now with hearts complying.
Dous ómes dados jogavan | a gran perfía provada, Two men were avidly playing dice. Once two men at dice were playing, far too keen for simple pleasure.
e un deles éra ric', o | outro non avía nada One of them was rich, and the other had nothing One was rich and lived in comfort; one had nothing he could treasure
senôn quant' ũa eigreja, | con que fazía passada, except for a church, with which he made his living, But a church, whose income fed him to a full but humble measure,
que fora de séu linnage | e del ben come erdade. which had been in his family and had been bequeathed to him. Which had always been his family's and was willed him on their dying.
E macar que d' outros jógos | éran eles sabedores, Although they knew other games, Though the games they knew were many, to one game they were devoted.
entôn outro non jogavan, | senôn aquel que ‘maiores’ they never played anything but that game called mayores*. They played nothing but mayores: three dice rolled, the total's noted. *Mayores: A game played with three dice in which the highest total wins.
chaman; e o riqu' en lógo | de meter i fïadores, The rich man, instead of putting up counters, But instead of common counters, on this day the rich man loaded
meteu i muitos dinneiros | por comprir sa voontade. threw in many coins to make his bets. Up the pot with coins of value, earnest wagers thus implying.
Mas o outro non avía | outra requeza sobeja However, the other man had no wealth But the poor man had no money equalling his opposition;
que ao jógo metesse, | mas meteu i a eigreja to place on the game, so he put up the church He put up the church he lived on, thoughtless toward his own position,
de que vos ja dit' avemos, | dizendo: "Se quér que seja about which we have already told you, saying: "If it be Saying, "If the Father wills it that you win this competition,
Déus que o jógo gãedes, | esta igreja levade." God's will that you win the game, take this church." Take this church I own and have it and the profit it's supplying."
O rico, quand' oiu esto, | volveu na mão os dados The rich man, when he heard this, shook the dice in his hands When the rich man heard, then rolling went the dice; their clatter sounded.
e lançou senas al terce, | que son de pontos contados and threw thee sixes, which totals eighteen points, And by luck he threw three sixes, which when tallied up amounted
déz e oito; e mas pontos | non póden seer achados. the most points possible. To eighteen, the highest number that in this game could be counted.
O outro, quando viu esto, | diss': "Ai, Virgen de bondade The other, when he saw this, said: "Oh, benevolent Virgin When the poor man saw, he called on Holy Mary, loudly crying.
De Rocamador, Sennora | de todos bẽes comprida, "of Rocamadour, My Lady full of grace, Virgin Queen of Rocamadour, Lady full of grace and favor
vóssa mercee non seja | agora en mi falida; by your mercy, do not permit me to lose. With Your sympathy and mercy, do not let me lose this wager.
mais dou-vos esta igreja | por vóssa, en que servida I shall give you this church as yours, in which you may be woshipped. I will give this church as Your church, wherein we will praise Your nature.
sejades. Venced' o jógo | e a eigreja fillade." Win the game and take the church." Win the game and take the church now, for on You I am relying."
E des i, pois diss' aquesto, | lógo os dados filló-os After he said this, he at once picked up the dice After saying this, he gathered up the dice and went to throw them,
na mão e mui coitado | eno tavleiro lançó-os. in his hands and anxiously threw them on the gaming board, Anxiously, with shaking handhold, on the gaming board below them.
Mas a Virgen, que de Reïs | ven de todo-los avóos, but the Virgin, all of whose ancestors are kings, But the Virgin, who's the daughter of all Kings, began to show them
fez que un daqueles dados | se fendeu per meiadade. made one of those dice break in half. Her own strength, for die one fractured, broke in half when it went flying.
E como do as a face | devía jazer de juso, Whereas the ace should face downward, Normally, the ace would lie there, downward facing, as he threw it,
fez per si dad' a sa parte, | e tornou-s' o as de suso She made it split off and turn face upward, But She split it from the cube and turned it up so all could view it.
e de seis o outro meo | pareceu non a escuso, and the other half and the other two dice And the other broken half’s side plus both other dice would do it:
e os outros dous de senas, | pois déz e nóv' i contade. showed six -- so count nineteen. All were six, plus one: the total was nineteen, the winnings buying.
Assí gannou a eigreja | Santa María por súa, And so Holy Mary won the church for Her own, And so Holy Mary won it, showed Her strength where people crowded.
que o viron entôn todos | quantos estavan na rúa; and all who were standing in the street saw it. All who in that street were standing saw a miracle undoubted.
e o que venceu o jógo | disse: "Sennor, seja túa, The man who won the game said: "My Lady, let it be yours, And the man who won the game said, "Lady mine, since You allowed it
ca per ti a ei cobrada | e por ta gran pïadade." for through you and your great mercy I recovered it." To return to me, now have it as Your own, all vice defying."
Alfonso X el Sabio, King of Castile and León Alfonso. Songs of Holy Mary of Alfonso X, the Wise: A Translation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Trans. Kathleen Kulp-Hill. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2000. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann

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