Una sañosa porfía By: Juan del Encina


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 4
Date: 15th - 16th century
Language: Spanish
Tags: translation war song Granada


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Una sañosa porfía A cruel, luckless I have reached a luckless harshness,
sin ventura va pujando misfortune is happening. A misfortune and vexation.
Ya nunca tuve alegría I never had joy, Never felt I joy or comfort;
ya mi mal se va ordenando. but now my ills are multiplying. Now increases my tribulation.
Ya fortuna disponía Fortune was disposed Fortune stole my rich dominion,
quitar mi próspero mando to take away my prosperous domain, Coldly chose my deprivation,
Qu'el bravo León d'Espaóa for the brave lion of Spain For the Spanish Lion struck me,
mal me viene amenazando came menacing me. Brought me peril and violation.
Su espantosa artillería His dreadful artillery His artillery was dreadful,
Los adarves derribando demolishing walls, Smashing walls to ruination;
mis villas y mis castillos he is taking my towns and my castles He is taking every city,
mis ciudades va ganando. and my cities. Every town and fortification.
La tierra y el mar gemían The land and sea moan, Hear the land and sea lamenting
que viene señoreando as he, dominating, comes, As he comes in domination,
sus pendones y estandartes raising his banners and standards With his banners and his standards
y banderas levantando. and flags. And his flags in proud elevation,
La muy gran caballería His very great cavalry, See his cavalry that glitters,
hela, viene relumbrando alas, glitters, Shining steel's illumination,
sus huestes y peonaje its army and laborers As its laborers and army
all aire viene turbando. disturbing the air. Fill the air with their agitation.
Correme la morería The Moorish quarter is vanishing; He destroys the Moorish Quarter,
los campos viene talando he is laying waste to my fields, Brings my fields annihilation,
mis compañas y caudillos he is defeating and slaying Sends my soldiers and commanders
viene venciendo y matando. my companies and commanders. To their deaths or harsh devastation.
Las mezquitas de Mahoma Mohammed's mosques are Now Muhammad's mosques are churches,
en iglesias consagrando, reconsecrated as churches; Fouled with full reconsecration;
las moras lleva cativas Moorish ladies, tearfully crying out, Moorish ladies cry in terror,
con alaridos llorando. are taken captive. Held as slaves in lewd subjugation.
Al cielo dan apellido The name is shouted to the heavens: And they shout it to the heavens:
Viva el gran Rey don Fernando "Long live King Ferdinand! "King Fernando, our salvation!
viva la muy gran leona Long live the very great lioness, To the Lioness a long life!
Alta Reina prosperando. High Majesty prosper." Raise the Queen in true exaltation!"
Una generosa Virgen A generous Virgin Generous and free, the Virgin
esfuerzo les viene dando has given them courage. Gave them brave determination,
un famoso caballero A famous cavalier And a knight of fame and honor
delante viene volando. comes flying before, Swiftly flies before the formation,
Con una cruz colorada with a red cross With a cross of deep vermillion,
y una espada relumbrando and a glittering sword, Sword that shines with inspiration,
d'un rico manto vestido dressed in a rich cloak, And a cloak of lavish fabric,
toda la gente guiando. leading all the people. Leading all the folk of the nation.
Juan del Encina Charles Jacobs. "The Spanish Frontier Ballad. Historical, Literary, and Musical Associations", in: The Music Quarterly 58 (1972), pp. 618?619. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann