Tu as tout seul, Jean, Jean By: Clément Janequin


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 4
Voicings: SATB
Date: 16th century
Language: French
Tags: chanson translation Clément Marot lyrics comedy


LyricsPoetic Translation
Tu as tout seul, Jean, Jean, vignes et prés,You have them all, Jean, Jean, the vines and plains;
Tu as tout seul ton or et ta pécune,You have them all, your gold and all your treasure;
Tu as tout seul des logis diaprésYou have them all, your buildings and domains:
Où nul vivant n'y prétend chose aucune,No man disputes them; savor them at leisure.
Tu as tout seul ton bonheur et fortune,You have it all, your money, ease and pleasure;
Tu as tout seul ton vivre et ton repas.You have it all, your room and board for life.
Tu as tout seul toutes choses fors une,You have it all: Your worth no man could measure;
C'est que tout seul ta femme tu n'as pas.All things on earth are yours except your wife!
Clément MarotCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

Direct Translation

See Mick Swithinbank's work at Choral Public Domain Library.