Teresica hermana By: Matheo Flecha el Viejo


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 4
Voicings: SATB , STTB , AATB , ATTB
Date: 16th century
Language: Spanish
Tags: villancico translation comedy Cancionero de Upsala social commentary


LyricsPoetic Translation
Teresica hermanaSister Teresica,
De la faraririraWith a fararirira,
Hermana Teresa.Teresa, sister mine,
Si a ti pluguiesseDear, I wonder whether
Una noche solaFor a single evening
Contigo durmiesseWe could sleep together,
De la fararirira.With a fararirira.
Una noche solaFor a single evening
Yo bien dormiríaI would like it, maybe,
Mas tengo gran miedoBut I fear the next day
Qu m´empreñaríaI may have a baby
De la fararirira.With a fararirira.
Llama a Teresica y no vieneThough he calls her, she doesn't come out laughing;
Tan mala noche tieneAn awful night she's having.
Llámala su madre y ella calla.Mother calls her, too, but she is silent.
Juramento tiene hecho de matarlaIn a rage, her mother swears an oath she'll kill her.
¡Qué mala noche tiene!This awful night she's having!
Matheo Flecha el ViejoCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

Direct Translation

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