Tempus transit gellidum By: Anonymous


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Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 2
Voicings: SS
Date: 11th - 13th century
Language: latin
Tags: original language goliard translation goliard song Carmina Burana

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Carmina Burana
Archive: Bayerische Staatsbibliothek [D-Mbs] Shelfmark: Clm MSS 4660 Position in Manuscript:
Manuscript Facsimiles: Bavarian State Library


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Tempus transit gelidum, The time of cold passes; Icy winter times are past;
mundus renovatur, The world is renewed. All's renewed, and rightly.
verque redit floridum, Spring flowers return, On the hills the blooms are massed,
forma rebus datur. giving the world form. Earth reformed and sightly,
avis modulatur, The bird sings And the bird so sprightly
modulans letatur joyfully a tune. Sings her joy out lightly,
[・E€ヲ] [line missing] And the bird so sprightly
[・E€ヲ] [line missing] Sings her joy out lightly.
lucidior Clearer More clearly grows,
et lenior and softer, More softly blows
aer iam serenatur; the air is serene; The air, now shining brightly.
iam florea, now flowering, The buds will blow;
iam frondea now the leaves The leaves will grow
silva comis densatur. fill up the woods. And fill the forests tightly.
Ludunt super gramina Play on the grass Maidens all come out to play,
virgines decore, the young virgins, Beauty emphasizing.
quarum nova carmina their new songs Young mouths sing their sweet new lay,
dulci sonant ore. sweetly sounding from their mouths, Soft and tantalizing.
annuunt favore supported Birds, their verse reprising,
volucres canore, by the bird・E€・Es song, Sing out, improvising.
favet et odore supported by the smell Earth is sympathizing,
tellus picta flore. of the earth painted with flowers. Blooming, colorizing.
cor igitur The heart, therefore Therefore, the heart
et cingitur is surrounded Will feel the start
et tangitur amore, and touched by love, Of circling Love arising
virginibus with virgins When girls and birds
et avibus and birds Sing calls and words,
strepentibus sonore. resounding loudly. Together harmonizing.
Tendit modo retia He spreads his nets, To his nets the Boy must tend,
puer pharetratus; theツquiver-wearing Boy Deadly quiver wearing,
cui deorum curia to whom the court of the gods He to whom the gods must bend,
prebet famulatus, offers service. Their respect declaring,
cuius dominatus His dominion He whose fatal snaring
nimium est latus, is too much to bear. Is too harsh for bearing,
per hunc triumphatus In his victory, He whose aim unerring
sum et sauciatus: I was wounded: Hit me, sharp and tearing.
pugnaveram Unsuccessfully At first, I fought;
et fueram I was Escape I sought,
in primis reluctatus, at first reluctant, My weak resistance daring.
sed iterum but again But his the win:
per puerum by the Boy I bow again
sum Veneri prostratus. I am made prostrate toツVenus. To Venus the unsparing.
Unam, huius vulnere By this one wound I by dart was swiftly found,
saucius, amavi, I was injured, and loved, Now to love her fated.
quam sub firmo federe Under the strong covenant She and I in treaty bound
michi copulavi. of my friend. Promises created.
fidem, quam iuravi, The faith that I swore Faith I gravely stated,
numquam violavi; I never violated. Never violated.
rei tam suavi To that sweet thing Once again, elated,
totum me dicavi. I am totally devoted. I am consecrated
quam dulcia How sweet Unto the bliss
sunt basia are your kisses, Within the kiss
puelle! iam gustavi: girl! Now I have tasted them: Of her whose flavor sated.
nec cinnamum Neither cinnamon No balm-wood tree
et balsamum nor balm Nor spice could be
esset tam dulce favi! is so sweet, like honey! To her sweet taste equated.
Vrowe ih pin dir undertan Verse 5: Lady, I am your loyal man;
des la mich geniezen LINK Let me enjoy subjection.
ih diene dir so ih beste chan http://thelatinreadingblog.blogspot.com/2015/02/carmina-burana-153-winters-has-gone-away.html I long to serve you as best I can,
des wil dih verdriezen See Leo Tepper's work at The Latin Reading Blog. But I inspire rejection.
nu wil du mine sinne You're seeking to abolish
mit dime gewalte sliezen By force my intense affection;
nu wold ih diner minne I hunger to demolish,
vil suoze wunne niezen Devouring your perfection.
vil reine wip More pure than wise,
din schoner lip Your lips and eyes
wil mih ze sere schiezen Aim death in my direction.
uz dime gebot I'll never give up,
ih nimmer chume, Not even if
obz alle wibe hiezen. All women make their objection.
Anonymous Verses 1-4: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann