Koromogae [更衣] By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: Heterophonic
Date: 12th century
Language: Japanese
Tags: translation saibara


Lyrics Transliteration Direct Translation Poetic Translation
更衣せむや koromogae semu ya [let us] change clothes Let us exchange the clothes we wear,
さきむだち sakimudachi sakimudachi Sakimudachi,
我が衣は waga kinu wa our clothes Our silken clothing
野原篠原 nohara shinohara [in] the fields, the bamboo fields In the wide fields, bamboo fields,
萩の花摺や hagi no hana suri ya the bush clover's flowers rub To slide against the cloverbuds,
さきむだちや sakimudachi ya sakimudachi ya Sakimudachi ya.
Anonymous Markham, Elizabeth. Saibara: Japanese Court Songs of the Heian Period. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1983. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann

Notes about Lyrics

Let us exchange the clothes we wear,