Kann auch der Liebe Band By: Johann Steffens


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 5
Date: 17th century
Language: German
Tags: madrigal translation


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Kann auch der Liebe Band Can the ties of Love also Can Love in some way spouse
verknテシpfen wohl und fein bind well and finely And truly make attached
ein' Maus und Elefant, a mouse and an elephant, The elephant and mouse,
dieweil sie ungleich sein? seeing that they are unequal? Who are so badly matched?
Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la.
Ich glaub es nicht I don・E€・Et believe it; I would dismiss
daテ・E es geschicht it・E€・Es just a story, All tales like this,
denn Gott es also gibt, because God made it like this: For God has made it so:
daテ・E ein・E€・E das ander liebt, that one loves another We yearn for what we know
was ihm gleich ist who is the same as he is. When making ties.
ohn Falsch und List. Anything else is false and deceitful. All else is lies.
Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la.
Gleichheit in diesem Lebn Equality in this life Familiarity
gebテ、ret Einigkeit, gives birth to unity. Breeds life in unity.
zwei Herz zusammen gebn Two hearts together give Two equal hearts will see
Recht mit Bestテ、ndigkeit. rightness and constancy. Content and constancy.
Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la.
Zu Lieb und Leid For love and sorrow Always prepare
stets sein bereit. always be ready. For love and care:
Hergegen was ungleich, What is unequal -- One rich and one in need,
eins arm, das ander reich, one poor, the other rich -- Unequal, always lead
macht Haテ・E und Neid, makes hatred and envy, To envy, hate,
hat selten Freund. and rarely has a friend. And friendless fate.
Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la.
Drum rat ich, wer da will So I advise that whoever wants So if you would obtain
sich zur Liebe bequemn, to love comfortably Both love and peace of mind,
der woll sich halten still should keep quiet Stay quiet and be plain
und seinesgleichen nehmn. and stay among peers. And keep among your kind.
Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la.
Frei fテシr der Tテシr, An open door Choices and change
hast Wechs・E€・El und K?r. have change and choice. Draw mates who range,
Frei fテシr der Tテシr, Going freely about over the country And those who widely roam
findst oft viel Last・E€・Er und Schand. often finds much burden and shame. Bring grief and shame back home.
Acht du・E€・Es gering, Have a little care, Think carefully
dann mit mir sing: then sing with me: And sing with me:
Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la. Fa la la la la.
Johann Steffens Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann