Ise no umi [伊勢の海] By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: Heterophonic
Date: 12th century
Language: Japanese
Tags: translation saibara


Lyrics Transliteration Direct Translation Poetic Translation
伊勢の海の ise no umi no the sea at Ise The ocean at Ise,
きよき渚に kiyoki nagisa ni the pure beach With its beaches clean, flawless,
潮間に shiogai ni at low tide When tide is ebbing:
なのりそや摘まむ nanoriso ya tsumamu gather seaweed The seaweed let us harvest here;
貝や拾はむや kai ya hirowamu ya gather shellfish The shellfish let us gather up;
玉や拾はむ tama ya hirowamu ya gather pearls The pearls let us pluck from the shells.
Anonymous Markham, Elizabeth. Saibara: Japanese Court Songs of the Heian Period. Vol. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1983. Print. Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann

Notes about Lyrics

The ocean at Ise,