In taberna quando sumus By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 11th - 13th century
Language: Latin
Tags: translation goliard song Carmina Burana social commentary drinking song satire


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
In taberna quando sumus, When we are in the tavern, When we're in the tavern drinking,
non curamus, quid sit humus, we don・E€・Et care about dust, Mighty thoughts no one is thinking.
sed ad ludum properamus, but we quickly start gaming, We run over to the table,
cui semper insudamus. which always makes us sweat. Betting, sweating, and unstable.
Quid agatur in taberna, ・E€・EWhat happens in the tavern, If you ask me, then you can learn
ubi nummus est pincerna, where money is the host? Just what happens in the tavern,
hoc est opus, ut queratur, How does that work?・E€・E you may well ask, Money hosting, people paying:
sed quid loquar, audiatur. but listen to what I say. Listen to what I am saying.
Quidam ludunt, quidam bibunt, Some gamble, some drink, Some folks gamble, some are aimless,
quidam indiscrete vivunt. Some live immorally. Some are slutty, loud, and shameless.
Sed in ludo qui morantur, But of those who gamble, Those who lose the coin they gamble
ex his quidam denudantur; some are stripped bare; Exit nakedly to ramble.
quidam ibi vestiuntur, some wear their clothes, Those who win a few more rounds will
quidam saccis induuntur. and some wear sacks. End up wearing sacks and towels.
Ibi nullus timet mortem, Here there is no fear of death, Death forgotten, nothing shocks us,
sed pro Baccho mittunt sortem. but in the name ofツBacchusツthey throw the dice. Dicing in the name of Bacchus.
Primo pro nummata vini; First of all dice and wine, First we take the dice and cast them,
ex hac bibunt libertini. as the libertines drink. Drunks with wine enough to last them;
Semel bibunt pro captivis, Drink next for those in prison, Then drink twice for those in prison;
post hec bibunt ter pro vivis, after that, three times for the living, Drink three times for all the living;
quater pro Christianis cunctis, four times for all Christians, Four to Christian souls purehearted;
quinquies pro fidelibus defunctis, five times for the faithful departed, Five times to the long-departed;
sexies pro sororibus vanis, six times for loose sisters, Six to nuns with loosened habits;
septies pro militibus silvanis. seven times for the soldiers of the forest. Seven times to forest bandits.
Octies pro fratribus perversis, Eight for the perverse brethren, Eight times drink to priestly lechers;
novies pro monachis dispersis, nine times for scattered monks, Nine to monks who drift at leisure;
decies pro navigantibus, ten times for the seamen, Ten to those who sail the ocean;
undecies pro discordantibus, eleven times for the quarrelers, Eleven to those who cause commotions;
duodecies pro penitentibus, twelve times for the penitent, Twelve to those who do their penance;
tredecies pro iter agentibus. thirteen times for those on journeys. Thirteen to rovers and dependants.
Tam pro papa quam pro rege For both the pope and the king Pope and King in acclamation
bibunt omnes sine lege. they all drink without restraint. Toast with all immoderation.
Bibit hera, bibit herus, The mistress drinks, the master drinks, Drinks the mistress, drinks the master,
bibit miles, bibit clerus, the soldier drinks, the cleric drinks, Drinks the guard, the cleric faster,
bibit ille, bibit illa, he drinks, she drinks, Drinks he, drinks she, free and fervent,
bibit servus cum ancilla, the servant drinks with the maid, Drinks the maid beside the servant,
bibit velox, bibit piger, the quick one drinks, the lazy one drinks, Drinks the worker, drinks the sluggard,
bibit albus, bibit niger, the white one drinks, the black one drinks, Drinks white, black, and every color,
bibit constans, bibit vagus, the constant one drinks, the unpredictable one drinks, Drinks the constant, drinks the fickle,
bibit rudis, bibit magus, the hick drinks, the educated one drinks, Drinks the learned and the simple.
Bibit pauper et egrotus, The poor drinks and the sick, Drinks the poor, the sick in danger,
bibit exul et ignotus, the exile drinks and the stranger, Drinks the exile, drinks the stranger,
bibit puer, bibit canus, the boy drinks, the old man drinks, Drinks the child and drinks the elder,
bibit presul et decanus, the prelate drinks and the deacon, Drinks the prelate and his helper,
bibit soror, bibit frater, the sister drinks, the brother drinks, Drinks the sister, drinks the brother,
bibit anus, bibit mater, the old woman drinks, the mother drinks, Drinks the grandma, drinks the mother,
bibit ista, bibit ille, this one drinks, that one drinks, Drinks this one and that, carousing,
bibunt centum, bibunt mille. a hundred drink, a thousand drink. Drink by hundreds, drink by thousands.
Parum durant sex nummate, Six pennies don・E€・Et last very long All our coin in dissipation
ubi ipsi immoderate where without moderation Spent where with immoderation
bibunt omnes sine meta, all drink without measure, All are drinking without measure,
quamvis bibant mente leta. but drinking makes the mind merry. But our drinking brings us pleasure.
Sic nos rodunt omnes gentes, So everyone scolds us, Everybody scolds us bluntly,
et sic erimus egentes. and we are poor. And we're always short of money.
Qui nos rodunt, confundantur He who scolds us, let him be shamed, Sober critics who won't buy in:
et cum iustis non scribantur. and let him not be recorded among the just. They can suck it. No one likes them!
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann