Fas et nefas ambulant By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 3
Voicings: AAA , AAT , ATT
Date: 11th - 13th century
Language: Latin
Tags: translation goliard song Carmina Burana social commentary Gualterius de Castillione lyrics


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Fas et nefas ambulant Right and wrong walk Right and wrong go hand in hand,
pene passu pari; almost in stride; close together walking;
prodigus non redimit the spendthrift cannot redeem Too much spending can't make up
vitium avari; the vice of the greedy. for a miser's balking:
virtus temperantia Virtue is temperance; Virtue walks a careful liine
quadam singulari the individual through mundane and shocking,
debet medium should keep to the middle, Balance must display,
ad utrumque vitium to both vices Keeping to the narrow way
caute contemplari. giving careful consideration. and not so much as rocking.
Si legisse memoras You will recall reading Cato's Ethics say it plain;
ethicam Catonis, inツCato・E€・EsツEthics surely you remember
in qua scriptum legitur: where it reads: Reading where he wrote the words:
ツォambula cum bonisツサ, ・E€・EWalk with the good・E€・E, "Walk with goodness ever."
cum ad dandi gloriam so if you want to receive glory for your giving, To be known as generous,
animum disponis, govern your feelings; don't become a spender;
supra cetera above all else, Pause and well perceive:
primum hoc considera, first consider Who's deserving to receive
quis sit dignus donis. who is worthy of your gifts. the things that you surrender?
Vultu licet hilari, A smiling countenance Everybody give a smile;
verbo licet blando and a soothing word speak to others sweetly,
sis equalis omnibus; the same to all・E€・E All the same, but still obey
unum tamen mando: however, I give you one command: one command completely:
si vis recte gloriam if you want to win glory To win credit for your gifts,
promereri dando, from giving, give them all discreetly;
primum videas first see Take your own behalf.
granum inter paleas, the wheat among the chaff, See the grain among the chaff,
cui des et quando. whom to give to and when. and make your choices neatly.
Dare non ut convenit To give without benefiting Giving with no benefit,
non est a virtute, is not a virtue; giving not astutely,
bonum est secundum quid, the nature of goodness Is a virtue on its skin
sed non absolute; is not absolute. but not absolutely.
digne dare poteris You are able to give worthily, To be famed for charity,
et mereri tute and you deserve make it first your duty:
famam muneris, fame for your service, Learn what I'm about.
si me prius noveris if you first know me Know me in and know me out,
intus et in cute. both inside and outside my skin. and know me most astutely.
Si prudenter triticum If wisely the wheat If you sift the grain and chaff,
paleis emundas, from the chaff you sort, more adept than any,
famam emis munere; you will buy fame for your service; Fame you buy, so give your gifts,
sed caveto, dum das, but beware, when you give: but take care how many.
largitatis oleum Too generously the oil Pour the oil out sparingly,
male non effundas. do not pour out badly. willing, but not spent free.
In te glorior: I glory in you: In your praise I sing:
cum sim Codro Codrior, I am more Codrus-like thanツCodrusツis, I am Codrus, Athen's king,
omnibus habundas. overflowing with all things. and everyone has plenty.
Walter of Chテ「tillon Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann