De Antequera sale el moro By: Cristóbal de Morales


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 4
Date: 16th century
Language: Spanish
Tags: translation war song Granada Miguel de Fuenllana arrangement


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
De Antequera sale el moro, From Antequera the Moor rode out, Came the Moor from Antequera,
De Antequera, aquesa villa: From Antequera, that town: Riding from that city ancient:
Cartas llevaba en su mano, Letters he carried in his hand, And the letter that he carried
Cartas de mensajería; Letters with messages. With dark messages was laden,
Iban escríptas con sangre They were written with blood And the words in blood were written,
Y no por falta de tinta: And not for lack of ink. Not for lack of ink thus painted.
El moro que las llevaba The Moor who carried them And the Moor who clutched them tightly
Ciento y veinte años había; Was a hundred and twenty years old; Sixscore years of life had tasted.
Ciento y veinte años, y el moro A hundred and twenty years, but the Moor He was now one hundred twenty,
De doscientos parecía Seemed two hundred. But two hundred seemed, and aged,
La barba llevaba larga. His beard was long, For his beard was long and thinning;
Muy larga hasta la cinta; Very long, down to his waist. To his waist it fell in grayness,
Con la cabeza pelada With a bare head And his baldness shone in sunlight,
La calva le relucía; His baldness gleamed. So his head was nearly naked,
Toca llevaba tocada. He wore a head cloth Save the cloth in which he wrapped it,
Que muy gran precio valia; That was valued at a great price; Worth a price beyond all payment,
La mora que la labrara The Moorish lady who made it Woven by a Moorish lady,
Por su amiga la tenia. Was his girlfriend. By his sweetheart kind and gracious.
Caballero en una yegua He rode on a mare And he rode a mare of spirit,
Que grande precio valia, That was valued at a great price, Finely bred, beyond all payment,
No por falta de caballos Not for lack of horses, Not for lack of horses ridden;
Que hartos él se tenía; For he had enough of these. Many horses filled his stables,
Alhamar en su cabeza The head cloth on his head And the tassels on his headcloth
Con borlas de seda fina. Had tassels of fine silk. Were of finest silk created.
Siete celadas le echaron. Seven ambushes they attempted; Seven ambushes they plotted,
De todos s'escabullía; He escaped from them all. But all seven he evaded.
Por los campos de Archidona Through the fields of Archidona Through the fields of Archidona
A grandes voces decía: In a loud voice he said: Crying loudly, he declaimed it:
Si supieses , el rey moro, "If you knew, Moorish King, "Moorish King, if you knew something
Mi triste mensajería, My sad messages, Of my sad communications,
Mesarías tus cabellos You would dishevel your hair Then your hair would be disheveled
Y la tu barba vellida. And your hairy beard." And your beard in disarrangement."
Tales extremos haciendo Doing such extreme deeds, To the town once called Elvira,
Llega a la puerta de Elvira; He arrived at the gate of Elvira [Granada]; With his actions this outrageous,
Vase para los Palacios, He went to the Palaces Went he to Grenada's palace
Dond'el rey moro vivía: Where the Moorish King lived. Where the Moorish King awaited.
Encontrado ha con el Rey, He had found the King, He at last had reached the palace,
Que del Alhambra salía He who from the Alhambra came Who from the Alhambra hastened
Con doscientos de a caballo, With two hundred knights, With two hundred knights of valor,
Los mejores que tenia. The best he had. All his best and most courageous.
Ante el Rey cuando se halla, When he found himself before the King, In to see the King he entered,
Tales palabras decia: He said these words: And he bowed his head to say this:
Mantenida Dios a tu Alteza, "God keep your Highness, "God in Heaven keep Your Highness
Salve Dios tu señoría. God save your lordship." And Your Lordship grant salvation."
Bien vengas, el moro viejo, "Welcome, Old Moor. "Peace to you, Old Moor, and welcome.
Dias ha que te atendía. For days I have waited for you. You for days I have awaited.
¿Que nuevas me traes, el moro, What news do you bring me, Moor, Of my city, Antequera,
De Antequera, esa mi villa? From Antequera, my town?" Tell me, Moor, what news is latest?"
No te las daré, buen Rey, "I will not give it to you, good King, "My good King, I fear to tell you;
Si no me otorgas la vida. If you do not guarantee my life." Swear my life will not be taken."
Dimelas, el moro viejo, "Tell it to me, Old Moor, "Tell me, Moor, and do not fear me.
Que otorgada te seria. And it shall be guaranteed to you." You are safe; my word is sacred."
Las nuevas que, loh rey, sabrás "The news, O King, you know "King, you know it is not good news;
No son nuevas de alegría; Is not news of joy; All my news with grief is tainted,
Qu'ese infante Don Fernando For that Prince Don Fernando For the prince, that Don Fernando,
Cercada tiene tu villa. Has surrounded your town. Antequera has blockaded.
Muchos caballeros suyos "Many knights are his; "Many knights are sworn to serve him;
La combaten cada día; They fight each day; Every day the battle rages.
Aquese Juan de Velasco Here is Juan de Valasco With them rides Juan de Valasco
Y el que Enriquez se decía, And he that is called Enriquez, And Enriquez, who is famous,
El de Rojas, y Narvaez, "He of Rojas, and Narvaez, "He from Rojas and Narvaez,
Caballeros de valía, Knights of valor. Knights stouthearted, strong, and brazen.
De día la dan combate, During the day, they fight; They attack by day and nightly
De noche hacen la mina; At night, they dig beneath our fortifications. Dig beneath the walls' foundations.
Los moros que estaban dentro "The Moors who were inside "All the Moors inside were eating
Cueros de vaca comían: Were eating cowhides. Leather to avoid starvation.
Si no la socorres, Rey, If you do not help her, King, If, O King, you do not help her,
Tu villa se perdería. Your town will be lost." Then your city will be taken."
Cristóbal de Morales Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann