Damon e Filli By: Orazio Vecchi


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 4
Voicings: SSAA , TTBB
Date: 16th century
Language: Italian
Tags: madrigal translation


LyricsPoetic Translation
Damon e Filli insieme Damon and Phyllis fighting,
Guerreggiavan fra lor con forze estremeLocked together as two impassioned forces.
Pari eran l’armi, i colpi e le feriteTheir blows and blades were equally inciting;
Et era amor presente a si gran lite.The God of Love was witness to their courses.
Eran guardi possenti le lor armiTheir swords were heated glances,
Ch’avean salde e pungenti;Which were sturdy and strong and monumental;
Eran sospiri i colpi e i cari baciTheir shots were sighs; their cuts were small advances;
Erano le ferite accorte e audaci.Their wounds so deep were kisses, soft and gentle.
Ma si cangiò la sorte:But then their fate was altered:
Cha dà colpo mortal sentendo morteWhen her breast felt a blow she could not live through,
Filli nel petto cede e s’abbandonaThen Phyllis stopped and yielded ere she faltered.
Dicendo: Amico, io ti perdon, perdonaShe said, "My friend, forgive me; I forgive you.
Non fia mal che tu pera"Live long; you will recover."
All’hor disse Damon, dolce guerriera;Damon said, "Warrior, my sweet, this thrilling
Questa che ti par morte è dolce vitaYou take for death is life, who calls each lover
Ch’a guerregiar spesso gl’amanti invita.To clash in mortal combat, fierce and willing."
Orazio VecchiCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

Direct Translation

See Mick Swinthinbank's work at Choral Public Domain Library.