Bache, bene venies By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 11th - 13th century
Language: Latin
Tags: translation goliard song Carmina Burana social commentary drinking song


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Bacche, bene venies gratus et optatus, Bacchus, well pleasing and desired, Bacchus, you will come to us, welcome here and wanted,
per quem noster animus fit letificatus. through whom our spirits are made joyful. To uplift and make our souls joyful and undaunted.
Istud vinum, bonum vinum, vinum generosum, This wine, good wine, kindly wine, This is wine, and this good wine; this is what we're after.
reddit virum curialem, probum, animosum. makes a man noble, honest, spirited. Wine, it lets us all be friendly, fills us up with laughter.
Iste cyphus concavus de bono mero profluus This empty cup with good wine overflows; See the goblet with the wine, flowing unabated.
siquis bibit sepius satur fit et ebrius. one who drinks much will be sated and drunk. Drink till you're completely full and inebriated.
Hec sunt vasa regia quibus spoliatur These are the royal cups by which despoiled Here we hold the royal cups plundered by the victor
Ierusalem et regalis babilon ditatur. was Jerusalem and royal Babylon enriched. From Jerusalem to make Babylon the richer.
Ex hoc cypho conscii bibent sui domini, From this cup let lords drink, From this goblet let them drink, lords in noble mansions,
bibent sui socii, bibent et amici. let allies drink, and let friends drink. All their allies, all their friends, comrades and companions.
Bacchus forte superans pectora virorum Bacchus perhaps, conquering the hearts of men, Bacchus conquers everyone, takes our hearts as prizes;
in amorem concitat animos eorum. stirs their spirits to love. Bacchus makes us fall in love, gives us all surprises.
Bacchus sepe visitans mulierum genus Bacchus often visiting womankind Bacchus speaks to women well, knows their minds with keenness,
facit eas subditas tibi, o tu Venus. makes them subject to you, OツVenus. Makes them subject to your will, O you lovely Venus.
Bacchus venas penetrans calido liquore Bacchus fills the veins with hot liquid; Bacchus fills the body's veins with his heated liquor;
facit eas igneas Veneris ardore. Venus sets them afire with burning. Venus makes it molten hot, fires the blood up quicker.
Bacchus lenis leniens curas et dolores Bacchus gently alleviates worries and pains Bacchus takes your cares away, takes away your sadness,
confert iocum, gaudia, risus et amores. and brings jollity, joys, laughter and love. Brings you love and merriment, brings you joy and gladness.
Bacchus mentem femine solet hic lenire Bacchus usually appeases a woman・E€・Es mind Bacchus leaves a woman's mind open to suggestions,
cogit eam citius viro consentire. and compels her husband to agree quickly. Makes her husband soon forget to ask any questions.
Bacchus illam facile solet expugnare, Bacchus makes it easy to capture Bacchus makes the woman whom you have wanted longest
a qua prorsus coitum nequit impetrare. her whom you wish to obtain. Turn from virtuous and chaste to an easy conquest.
Bacchus numen faciens hominem iocundum, Bacchus is the god who makes man happy, Bacchus is a worthy god who on men has pity,
reddit eum pariter doctum et facundum. and makes him equally learned and eloquent. Makes the world a happy place, makes you wise and witty.
Bacche, deus inclite, omnes hic astantes Bacchus, god of all of us standing here, Bacchus, god of everyone, generous and giving,
leti sumus munera tua prelibantes. we are happy offering gifts to you. All of us will praise your name 'til we leave the living.
Omnes tibi canimus maxima preconia, All sing you the highest praises; Everybody sings to you in a thousand phrases;
te laudantes merito tempora per omnia. you deserve praise from everyone at all times. Everywhere and every time, you deserve our praises.
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann