Alte clamat Epicurus By: Anonymous


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 11th - 13th century
Language: Latin
Tags: translation comedy goliard song Carmina Burana social commentary drinking song satire


Lyrics Direct Translation Poetic Translation
Alte clamat Epicurus: Loftily claimsツEpicurus: From on high states Epicurus:
ツォventer satur est securus. ・EE€・EEA full belly is secure. "A stuffed belly reassures us.
venter deus meus erit. My belly is my God. As my God I will revere it,
talem deum gula querit, Such a God requires gluttony, Bringing booze and food-stuff near it.
cuius templum est coquina, whose temple is the kitchen, My God's temple is the kitchen,
in qua redolent divina.ツサ in which there are divine smells.・EE€・EE Where the odors are bewitchin'.
Ecce deus opportunus, Behold the convenient God: He's convenience everlasting,
nullo tempore ieiunus, at no time on an empty stomach, Since he never calls for fasting.
ante cibum matutinum before the morning meal Breakfast tastes a whole lot better
ebrius eructat vinum, belching, intoxicated with wine. Smashed and puking wine together.
cuius mensa et cratera The table and the bowl Empty flasks beneath the table
sunt beatitudo vera. are true happiness. Are a blessing, and we're grateful.
Cutis eius semper plena His skin has always been full Filled to burst his skin, he wobbles
velut uter et lagena; like a wineskin or bottle. Like a leather flask or bottle;
iungit prandium cum cena, He joins lunch with dinner, Breakfast, supper, lunch united,
unde pinguis rubet gena, thus his rich, reddened cheeks; Fat, red cheeks are so excited;
et, si quando surgit vena, and, if and when his penis gets erect, When his swollen dick gets bigger,
fortior est quam catena. it is mightier than a chain. Like a chain it's filled with vigor.
Sic religionis cultus As religious worship Like religion, pale and useless,
in ventre movet tumultus, is tossed by the tumult of the wind, Roars into the whirlwind, fruitless,
rugit venter in agone, the belly roars in agony, Roars the stomach in its battle:
vinum pugnat cum medone; as wine and mead fight with each other. Wine and mead together rattle;
vita felix otiosa, Happy and easy is life Life is perfect, sloshed and dizzy,
circa ventrem operosa. with an active belly. Nothing but the belly busy.
Venter inquit: ツォnichil curo The belly says, ・EE€・EEI care about nothing Says the gut, "I care for nothing
preter me. sic me procuro, except myself. So I guide myself But myself. So after stuffing
ut in pace in id ipsum to peace in this manner, Food enough to cause a scandal,
molliter gerens me ipsum gently carrying myself Gently my insides I handle,
super potum, super escam over water, over food Once I've sniffed the last aroma,
dormiam et requiescam.ツサ to sleep and rest.・EE€・EE Sleeping off my drunken coma."
Anonymous Carol Anne Perry Lagemann Carol Anne Perry Lagemann