No.m agrad'iverns ni pascors By: Raimbaut de Vaqeiras


Singable Translation PDF By: Carol Anne Perry Lagemann (CC BY SA 4.0)


Number of Voices: 1
Voicings: S , A , T , B
Date: 12th century
Language: Occitan
Tags: trobar canso war song social commentary political translation


LyricsPoetic Translation
No m'agrad' iverns ni pascorsSpring and winter both I detest,
Ni clars temps ni fuoills de garrics,Sunny sky, and yellow-leafed tree.
Car mos enans mi par destricsProgress is regression for me;
E totz mos majer gaugz dolors,Things I joyed in make me depressed;
E son maltrag tuit miei lezerTorments always my pleasure cloud;
E desesperat miei esper;With despair is my hope endowed.
E si.m sol amors e dompneisWith love and courtship I once stayed,
Tener gai plus que l'aiga.l peis!A fish in water, gladly played.
E pois d'amor me sui partitzBut since I left Love, low I sank;
Cum hom issillatz e faiditz,Bitter wine of exile I drank:
Tot' autra vida.m sembla mortzAnd life is death, and lies are true;
E totz autre jois desconortz.Joy is desolation now, too.
Pois d'amor m'es florsLove's fair flower once I possessed,
E.l dolz fruitz e.l grans e l'espics,Fruit and grain and ear, sweet all three.
Don gauzi' ab plazens prezicsThere was discourse joyous and free;
E pretz m'en sobrav' et honorsHonor, worth I found and expressed.
E.n sabi' pros caber,I was one of the brave and proud.
Era.m fai d'aut en bas cazer;Now I've fallen; I'm meek and cowed,
E si no.m sembles fols esfreis,And with good reason I'm afraid
Anc flama plus tost non s'esteisThat quick as flickered flame I'll fade
Q'ieu for' esteins e relinquitzAnd lie forgotten where I sank;
E perdutz en faitz et en digzWords and deeds in memory shrank
Lo jorn qe.m venc lo desconortzThe day this loneliness sweept through.
Que non merma, cum qe.m refortz.It will stay, whatever I do.
Bels armatz e bos feridors,Handsome knights and swordsmen obsessed,
Setges e calabres e pics,Catapults, siege engines, debris,
E traucar murs nous et antics,Broken walls, battalions that flee,
E vensser bataillas e torsRamparts, towers smashed and suppressed:
Vei et aug; e non puosc averThese surround me, too bright, too loud;
Ren qe.m puosc' ad amor valer!None can help prove the love I vowed!
E vauc cercan ab rics arneisIn costly armor well arrayed
Gerras e coitas e torneis,To war and tourney I parade;
Don sui conqueren enriquitz;With prizes won my pockets clank,
E pois jois d'amor m'es failitz,But with none to worship and thank,
Totz lo mons no.m parri' us ortz,The world's a cell without a view
Ni mos chans no m'es mais confortz.And my songs no pain can undo.
Doncs, qe.m val conquistz ni ricors?What are conquests, welath, and the rest?
Qu'eu ja.m tenia per plus ricsI was richer when I could be
Qand er' amatz e fis amics,Friend and love to those who loved me,
E.m paissi' ab n'Engles amors;When my high Engles loved me best;
N'amava mais un sol plazerThen, one gesture made me more proud
Que sai gran terr' e gran aver,Than the riches I'm now allowed.
C'ades on plus mos poders creisThe more my power grows, unswayed,
Ai major ir' ab mi mezeis,The more resentment is inlaid:
Pois mos Bels Cavalliers grazitzMy Fairest Knight of peerless rank
E jois m'es loignatz e fugitz,Fled and left me joyless and blank.
Don mais no.m naissera conortz,No comfort will my pain subdue:
Per q'es majer l'ir' e plus fortz.Solitude and sorrow ensue.
Pero no.m comanda valors,Valor's laws don't even suggest
Si be.m sui iratz ni enics,That, if one wish ill things on me,
Q'ieu don gaug a mos enemicsI must act to increase his glee,
Tan q'en perda pretz ni lauzors,Being of my name dispossessed,
Q'ancar puosc dan e pro tener,For with power I am endowed,
E sai d'irat joios parerHiding pain behind happy shroud,
Sai Latins Grezeis;In Greeks and Latins this charade.
E.l marques, que l'espaza.m seis,And the Marquis, who me arrayed
Gerreia Blacs e Drogoiz,With sword, Wallachia he sank;
Et anc pois lo mons fon bastitzDrogobites he'll surely outflank.
Nuilla gens non fetz tant d'esfortzGod set us free! Since Earth was new
Cum nos, cui Dieus a gent estortz.No one's done such deeds as we do.
Lo marques n'es honratz e sorsThe Marquis is honored and blessed
E.l Campanes e.l coms Enricx,And Champagne's men and Count Henry,
Sicar, Montos e SalanicxAnd Constantinople is free,
E Costantinople socors,Modone no longer oppressed,
Quar gent sabon camp retener,Thessalonica, Sicar proud:
E pot hom ben proar en ver:For in battle they stand unbowed.
Qu'anc mais nulha gent non ateisIt's clear to see in rout nor raid
Aitan gran honor, apareys.Man never glory so displayed.
Per bos vassals, valens, arditz,Good, daring vassals we must thank
Es nostr' emperis conqueritz,For this empire, mortar and plank,
E Dieus trameta nos esfortzAnd still more men let us accrue
Coissi.s tray' a cap nostra sortz!So our destiny can come true.
Anc Alixandres non fetz cors Alexander'd no greater quest,
Ni Carles ni.l reis LodoicsCharlemagne -- no, nor King Louis;
Tan honrat, ni.l pros n'AimericsSuch did not brave Aimeric see,
Ni Rotlans ab sos poignadorsNor did Roland's Twelve at their best:
Non saubron tan gen conquererThey could not crush this mighty crowd,
Tan ric emperi per poderBuilding empires with force endowed
Cum nos, don poja nostra leis;Like ours, where our words are obeyed,
Q'emperadors e ducs e reisFor emperors and kings we've made
Avem faitz, e chastels garnitzAnd built a fort on every bank
Prop dels Turcs e dels Arabitz,All the Turks and Arabs to flank
Et ubertz los camins portzAnd opened ports and highways through
De Brandiz tro al Bratz Sain Jorz.George's Straits to Brindisi's view.
Per nos er Domas envazitzThrough us, Damascus humbly sank
E Jerusalem conqueritzAnd defeat Jerusalem drank
E.l regnes de Suri' estortz,And Syria was freed anew: Turcx o trobon en lur sortz.Turkish prophecy has come true.
Los pellegris perjurs, fraiditz,Deserters who with falseness stank,
Qi nos an sai en camp geqitz,Those whose hearts on battlefield shrank:
Qi los manten e cortz es tortz,In courts let others them eschew,
Que chascuns val mens vius que mortz.For a corpse would be no less true.
Belhs dous Engles, francx et arditz,My sweet Engles, fair, fearless, frank,
Cortes, essenhatz, essernitz,Courtly, versed, and highest of rank,
Vos etz de totz mos gaugz conortz,The source whence all my pleasures grew,
E quar viu ses vos, fatz esfortz.My great feat is life without you.
Raimbaut de VaqueirasCarol Anne Perry Lagemann

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